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Oregon Medical Research Center is a premier clinical research center with board-certified dermatologists and a highly experienced and dedicated staff. We are committed to research excellence and personalized patient care and our mission is to work with patients and medical companies to find future treatments for better health.

Since 1998, our center has conducted research studies of approved and investigational medications for dermatologic and general medical conditions. Some of these studies focus on currently available medications and treatments, while others focus on medications and treatments that are not yet available. Oregon Medical Research Center is in southwest Portland, near Washington Square Mall.


Medical Laboratory Technician

The Medical Laboratory Technician, under the guidance and supervision of the Principal Investigator (PI), supports the organization’s efforts to ensure the integrity and quality of clinical trials are maintained and conducted in accordance w/ federal, state, and local regulations, Institutional Review Board (IRB) approvals, and OMRC policies and procedures.  This position is primarily responsible for conducting medical laboratory tests, procedures, experiments, and analyses for clinical research studies according to protocol requirements. Medical Laboratory Technician


If you would like to apply, please send a cover letter detailing how your qualifications match the position’s requirements, your salary requirements, and a resume with transparent employment dates to Molly Blauvelt, at mblauvelt@oregonmedicalresearch.com.

Oregon Medical Research Center is an equal-opportunity employer. Applicants needing accommodation to apply should contact Molly Blauvelt at mblauvelt@oregonmedicalresearch.com.