Andrew Blauvelt, M.D., M.B.A.

Andrew BlauveltAndrew Blauvelt, M.D., M.B.A., is a board-certified dermatologist and President of Oregon Medical Research Center. 

Dr. Blauvelt grew up in Michigan and received his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering at Purdue University and his medical degree at Michigan State University. He completed his dermatology training at the University of Miami and basic immunology research training at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). In 2010, he returned to the classroom and received a Healthcare M.B.A. from a joint program at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) and Portland State University.

Dr. Blauvelt has had three major phases of his career. First, he was a tenured Senior Investigator at the NIH for eight years, where he became well known for his pioneering work on HIV and Langerhans cells as well as for his studies into how human herpesviruses cause Kaposi’s sarcoma and pityriasis rosea.

In the second phase of his career, which lasted seven years, he became Professor of Dermatology at OHSU and Chief of Dermatology at the VA Medical Center in Portland, Oregon. There he began to study psoriasis in depth, and his lab contributed to our understanding of how IL-23 and Th17 cells are key components in psoriasis pathogenesis. While at OHSU, he also organized a multidisciplinary center for care of complicated psoriasis patients and began participating in pivotal psoriasis clinical trials.

Beginning in the fall of 2011, Dr. Blauvelt transitioned to independent clinical research, becoming President and Owner of the Oregon Medical Research Center. The transition was a perfect opportunity to bring together all of his prior clinical and laboratory research expertise in psoriasis, immunology, and infectious diseases. He has served as Principal Investigator on numerous trials with a major emphasis on psoriasis. His dedication to science and discovery has resulted in more than 300 published papers and many formal honors.

Dr. Blauvelt uses his vast knowledge of immunology to serve as a key scientific adviser for numerous pharmaceutical companies and to teaching other physicians; he is a highly sought-after educator and has provided hundreds of lectures across the country and the world. Additionally, Dr. Blauvelt has donated extended time to non-profit organizations. He was a longstanding member of the Medical Advisory Board of the National Psoriasis Foundation, and is an elected member of the International Psoriasis Council, the premier group of psoriasis experts in the world.

On the personal side, Andy and his wife, Molly, enjoy the wine and foodie culture of Portland, outdoor hikes in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, traveling, and spending time with their five children, two grandchildren, and extended family.

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